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We analyze the performance of your property.

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We help people to buy their first home.


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We Provide A Fully Integrated Property
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Our team at Success Avenue Consulting, partner with everyday people to create wealth through proven investment strategies using the property. Join us with this exclusive one-on-one property investment consultation offer and start you on your journey to financial freedom. There are no-obligations and you will gain invaluable insight into property investment strategies.

If you are open to the opportunities of wealth creation using proven property investment strategies, our partnership starts today. The team at Success Avenue consulting welcomes you to join us on this journey of creating wealth through property.

Why Property Investment Is Essential

Why Property Investment Is Essential

Property investing is not an option but a compulsion

Investment in real estate has proven to be a tried and trusted method throughout the years to accumulate wealth for a successful and prosperous future. This is the tool that can help you retire comfortably along with providing excellent rate of return, amazing tax advantages and achieve financial freedom. Being proactive today can alleviate the worry of your future financial security and allow you to enjoy your life the way you want to.

It is very important to understand the 3W’s and H (why, where, when and how) of investment and for that you need a right partner. As per the official data only 20% retired Australians have comfortable life, and we at Success Avenue Consulting can help you to be a part of that group.

Customer Reviews

Sushant Kumar Nayak

“If you need a great investment advisor who will help you make correct decisions to build your property portfolio, Chat is the way to go. I was looking to work with someone who understood my goals and partnered with me in my property investment journey and I met Chat. I was thoroughly impressed with his work ethics, in-depth knowledge about the real estate market, due diligence, great advice and overall process. He sets a very high Bar. I will highly recommend his services to new and established investors.
Thanks, Chat, it’s a privilege working with you.”

Sushant Kumar Nayak

Shachi Jain

We recently took Chat’s services to purchase our first investment property. We were initially nervous with this being our first property however Chat eased it out. He provided us with the detailed area analysis on several areas across Australia & give us the confidence to buy interstate. He made the whole buying process simple. He always had our best interest at heart and was so easy to communicate with. We secured a property well under comparable sales & had the property leased before settlement so couldn’t ask for more! We would highly recommend Chat.

Shachi Jain

Kunal Chokshi

Chat is a life saver for the first time investor. Education is the key and he really delivered!
“Thanks so much for all your help in sourcing our first investment property”.
Chat is an absolute expert in this field and was a great help when purchasing my investment property. It’s great to know we’ve got someone like you looking after everything in such a reliable, diligent and professional way. We appreciate your work. It made our life so much easier. I highly recommend working with him as I am looking forward to working with him again in the future.

Kunal Chokshi

Pradeep Kumar

Chat is a pleasure to work with and has abundance of knowledge to share. Having invested in my owner-occupied home, I was looking for someone who could understand my end goals and guide me through this journey.Chat was this and more. He made a long-term strategy to achieve our property investment goals and based on those goals, he found the right property for us.
He provided us the end to end solution by taking care of the property during construction and then helping us in renting it out. The whole process was very smooth and pleasant. Now we are in discussion with him to buy our next investment property.
I will highly recommend Chat. He not only chats, but delivers as well.

Pradeep Kumar

Our Process Towards Financial Freedom

Our process to create wealth is tailored and result oriented

Our process aims to set our clients build financial wealth through our tailored and unique investment strategies.

Our process and aims to set our clients on the path of financial success, allowing them to leverage our expertise and proven track record to build a sustainable, high performance property portfolio.

Why Choose Success Avenue Consulting?

Why Choose Success Avenue Consulting?

Knowledge is the power when it comes to securing your financial future

Many people focus on product. We focus on strategies based on our client’s current situation and long term goals to help build a portfolio over a period of time and generate passive income.

At Success Avenue Consulting, our mission is to provide our clients with cohesive, consolidated guidance that is aligned to their goals.We are your partners in creating financial security. That is why the sum of our services is much greater than the number of professionals involved.

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