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Property Investment

Investing in residential property is Australia’s
favourite way to create wealth.

At Success Avenue Consulting, we can help ensure your investment in property secure above average growth and a strong rental return so that your financial future is assured.

Our methodology is based on long term experience in devising property investment plans. We thoroughly analyse the market place, match potential investments with your financial goals, structure a plan for your success and manage the risks inherent in the dynamic, ever-changing property market. That’s where Success Avenue Consulting comes in. We can help you buy property all across Australia.

Property Portfolio Strategy

We are different from many property investment companies as most of them focus on products but we focus on long term strategy and take the portfolio approach to investing.

Why portfolio approach to investing is important?

Most of the Australians wish to invest in property but new investors may be held back, finding it too difficult to know when, where and how to invest.

Similarly, a more experienced investor may hold 1 or 2 properties but find it difficult to develop their investment property portfolio further due to lack of knowledge, time, strategy or expertise. We know there are clear, strategic advantages of a diversified approach to building a property portfolio by targeting a mix of affordable properties –– spread across different cities.

Our Portfolio Approach is designed to help you build a property portfolio successfully and sustainably. We help our customers in building a property portfolio of multiple properties in Australia that includes properties all across Australia in different market cycles.

How can we help you start building your property portfolio?

We conduct personalized property portfolio building strategy session which include:

  • Evaluating your current situation with Investment property strategist : Our investment strategist will sit with you and discuss in detail about your current situation and clarify all your queries.
  • Formulating a long term investment strategy : A well thought and result oriented long term strategy will be formulated that will help you to create property portfolio and passive income.
  • Providing right investment property options : Based on individual’s current situation and long-term goals, property options will be provided.
  • Setting goals : During this session, end goals will be set and most importantly a clear strategy will be formulated to achieve the end goals.

After the meeting you will walk away with a clear goal and a strategy to achieve it.

What are the benefits of attending the strategy session:

  • Formulating tailored and long-term strategy to achieve your long term goals.
  • Clearing all your doubts about property investments.
  • Developing positive mind set and self-belief to achieve your long term goals.
  • Learning how the world’s most successful people use property investment as a tool to create the wealth.

Comprehensive Property Portfolio Review includes

At Success Avenue Consulting we analyze the performance of your property or property portfolio (on a property by property basis) and identify how and where your portfolio is, is your portfolio performing? what opportunity there is for future growth potential, and then provide options for your consideration based on the results.

FIX your property investing mistakes with a Property Portfolio Review. Investors buy property to obtain capital growth and/or rental returns, which enables them to achieve financial security and independence. Investing in property is not just about buying well. A portfolio review ensures your property is consistently performing above the market and inflation so your plans for financial independence remain on track. What many investors don’t do is analyse the performance of their property regularly, to ensure that it is achieving the desired outcomes. Property markets can change over time – both upwards and downwards which can severely affect the overall performance of your property. This fluctuation can prevent you from achieving your goals of financial independence.

Do you know what percent your property is growing at per annum?

Did you sell a ‘great investment property’ and have a lost equity or had little or no growth over a period of time, while others seem to be making huge gains?

Do you know what are the drivers of growth in your suburb/area, so that you are benefiting from them to achieve the strongest possible return on your investment property?

Could your money and borrowing capacity be better invested elsewhere, rather than hoping that an underperforming property will get better, with no evidence to support that it will?

Home Buyer

Buying your first home

For many Australians, buying their first home marks a significant and memorable milestone. And like most big achievements in life, we usually get there through a series of thoughtful decisions and smart, strategic planning. Knowing where to start can be the biggest hurdle. The right tools and support will get you moving with a little more confidence. We can be your partner at every step and will make sure that you make a well informed decision while buying your first home.


A super way to buy property. Self Managed Super Funds have emerged as a popular way to invest in real estate and create financial independence for your retirement.

But they are complex instruments and unfortunately many investors make critical errors which cost them thousands of dollars. When buying residential property through your SMSF you need to:
Get your super fund’s structure right to claim the full benefit

  • Ensure you buy an investment grade property which delivers capital growth and solid rental returns.
  • Match the asset you buy to your fund’s investment strategy.

At Success Avenue Consulting, our agents have extensive experience in helping investors buy residential property through their super funds. We can work directly with your financial planner or advisor to help you. But most critically of all, we will ensure the property you buy has all the right attributes to help your fund achieve strong capital growth outcomes and stable returns.

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